Welcome to RWA-WEB. This site enables users to calculate estimates of relative importance across a variety of situations including multiple regression, multivariate multiple regression, and logistic regression. The links below will direct users to an interactive web form where, after providing some key pieces of information, the program will calculate estimates of importance using Johnson's (2000) relative weight analysis, confidence intervals around those weights, and information regarding the statistical significance of those weights. In addition, users will be able to test whether two weights are significantly different from one another and whether weights are significantly different across groups.

For detailed instructions on how to use this site, please see Tonidandel, S. & LeBreton, J. M. (2014). RWA-Web -- A free, comprehensive, web-based, and user-friendly tool for relative weight analysis. Journal of Business and Psychology. doi: 10.1007/s10869-014-9351-z. Data sets corresponding to examples from that article can be found here.